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Class Enrollment

2024-25 Class Enrollment

Students will receive a course enrollment sheet the week of March 19, 2024. If a student is absent on their presentation day, he/she will need to get a sheet from Mrs. Shevlin. Completed sheets are due a week later signed by a parent/guardian. 

Link to Course Catalog:

11th graders: March 19

10th graders:  March 20

9th graders: March 21

8th graders: March 20

7th graders:  March 22

6th graders: March 20



2024-25 Career Center Enrollment Process

Excelsior Springs

Applications are live and available

Students are welcome to apply to both schools, but Excelsior is our priority school.  If accepted, students will attend these programs at Excelsior Springs over Lex La Ray:



Computer Technology

Health Services

Teaching Professions


These programs are ONLY offered at ESACC:

Animation and Media

Electrical Trades