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Class Enrollment

2024-25 Career Center Enrollment Process

Excelsior Springs

1) Applications are live and available

2) As a reminder, shadow visits are a required component of our application process. They will be using "calendly" to secure shadow visits.  This platform is much more user-friendly than google appointments. Choose an 11:30a start time. 

Students are welcome to apply to both schools, but Excelsior is our priority school.  If accepted, students will attend these programs at Excelsior Springs over Lex La Ray:



Computer Technology

Health Services

Teaching Professions


These programs are ONLY offered at ESACC:

Animation and Media

Electrical Trades




Lex La Ray

Nov 28th: 8th graders to tour with PM students–11:15a-3:15p

Dec 5th: Seminar–presentation to 10th grade students

Jan 9th: 10th graders to tour with PM students–11:15a-3:15p

Jan 24th: Priority deadline for LLR online application

Jan 31st: Interviews at Orrick 12:30-3:30p